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The SBMU Medical Nano-Technology & Tissue Engineering Research Center has been founded in order to fulfill centralized researches in fields related to Nano and tissue engineering, as well as producing knowledge, and knowledge-based products.

The center, while being informed of the capacities of this new science, has begun its mission in order to develop modern management research protocols in medical Nano-technology, and oriente all basic and applied researches in the field in order to respond to the real needs of the medical society, as well as to provide an inter-disciplinary involvement atmosphere in research, and provide research grounds for all interested parties, recognize, promote, and support the innovators in applied researches, and also have active, effective, and dynamic presence in the international scientific circles.   

Considering the effective and increasing trends in Nano-technology in developing medical science, and especially in tissue engineering, as well as the need for more integration in research projects performed at the national levels, the SBMU Nano-Technology and Tissue Engineering Research Center is following its mission in collaboration with the specialists with different scientific interests including basic sciences, physics, and engineering.

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